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Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC)

The asphalt-rubber binder is field blended (at the hot mix plant) and requires specialized mobile mixing equipment to produce. Typical crumb rubber modifier (CRM) content for asphalt-rubber ranges from 18-22 percent. The crumb rubber modifier used in asphalt-rubber is in the 10-16 mesh range.

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LYXL Series asphalt rubber plant is used to produce rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC). Rubberized asphalt is a special pavement material consisting of approximately 75-80 percent regular asphalt with 20 percent (+/-2%) crumb rubber made from scrap tires.

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AR150B Rubber Asphalt Plant 1. Rubber Asphalt Plant has a big tonnage built-in container and tremendously convenient for transportation to facilitate expert facilities. 2. Mixings are more rational with US imports mixer technologies. 3. Independent oil conducting heating system that ensures satisfactory heat supply. 4.

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Main features of rubber asphalt plant. 1.It can fit (rubber asphlat and mixture working instuctions) and Mcdonald wet treatment technolgy. 2.It adopts big capacity sepcial rubber asphalt pump in more reasonable structure. 3.Adopt Siemens,Schneider electric components,PLC programers-controller and control computer manually and automaticlly.

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AR100M mobile rubber bitumen plant is a new product that is designed for rubber bitumen production. Using waste tire rubber powder and rubber bitumen as pavement material can not only effectively extend the service life of the bituminous pavement but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste tires.

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Under this scenario, the crumb rubber is dissolved into the liquid paving asphalt at a refinery before being shipped to the asphalt plant. Rubberized asphalt is placed similar to other hot-mixed asphalt concrete pavements using a paving machine and rollers.

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Our portable CEI rubber plant gives us the ability to produce all types or rubberized asphalt concrete products either of our two asphalt facilities. Our rubberized asphalt concrete is blended to meet any applicable specification including the Standard Specifications for Public Works Constructions “The Greenbook” and the Caltrans Standard ...

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Rubberized Asphalt Process Video . Rubberized Asphalt Modified asphalt binders can be a challenge to use in your plant and in the field. They require special delivery and storage, mixes are harder to produce and place, and you have to pay a healthy premium for the terminal-modified binders.

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No swelling of rubber with VRMB process. For best results: No multi wheel rollers; Best to be laid at 180 degrees so it does not get dragged on mould board of paver. Can be mixed at normal asphalt plants. Needs to be field tested: All V.R.M.B products have been surfactant which minimises odour of rubber plus bitumen.

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Nov 04, 2020 · MOL Group, Budapest, Hungary has completed a rubber bitumen (asphalt) plant at its site in Zalalgerszeg, Hungary (Zala site) capable of producing 20,000 metric tons per year of rubber asphalt. The company has successfully operated a pilot plant at the Zala site since 2012 with a production capacity of 5,000 tons.

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