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Bulk Bitumen

Bulk Vessels for bitumen vary in size and capacity. Generally the export of bitumen from Iran or UAE is done through traditional packaging for bitumen such as new steel drums or polybags. One main reason is the method of payment which is used for bulk bitumen orders. Usual Method of payment for bulk bitumen

Bitumen Transport – DtoD Logistics

BITUMEN Transport The DtoD Bitumen Transport is a high range an ideal solution for the transportation of bulk bitumen over long distances. Fully Compliant with ADR Regulations concerning the transportation of hot bitumen products the transporters are of rugged construction for both on and off highway use.

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What is bitumen transportation?


The bulk bitumen transportation is done with specially designed tankers that are insulated and with pumping facility for loading and unloading of bitumen. Most of our Bitumen tankers are under contract with major oil companies like HPCL, BPCL and IOCL.


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Bitumen Transportation Services in India

Bitumen can be procured either in bulk form or packed in drums or PVC Bags. In either case, the product has to be transported from the dispatch unit to work site. Bulk Bitumen transportation is done with specially designed tankers, which are insulated also have the pump facility for loading/unloading of the product.

Bitumen Storage & Transportation Tanks - TEC Containers

A unique concept in Bitumen distribution with 30% more carrying capacity than conventional Tank Containers. The Bitutainer® is suitable for Storage and Transportation of Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, PMBs and Cutbacks Conceptually the same container however a variation in methods of heating allow for the transport and storage of different products.

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Bulk Bitumen Transportation. We are one of the oldest Bitumen Transporters which is mainly used in road construction. It can be procured either in bulk or in packed form.

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Asphalt Carriers COSCO SHIPPING owns and operates 15 modern specialized asphalt carriers ranging from 6000DWT to 13000DWT. The asphalt fleet specializes in bulk asphalt carriage on international and coastal lines. Its safety management has achieved TMSA(Tanker Management and Self Assessment) stage Ⅲ and successfully passed detailed inspection by major oil companies. The fleet has ...

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Bulk bitumen cargoes can be supplied in tankers ranging in size between 1,000 and 8,000 metric tons. We can supply bulk bitumen on a Delivered ex-Ship, CIF, C&F or FOB basis depending on the customer’s needs.

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